OF@TEIN Collaborations Meeting @ University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2016

Venue : Central Podium (CPD) 1.42 - University of Hongkong


Day 1 : July 30th 2016 (13:00 - 18:00)

OF@TEIN On-going Collaboration Topics : SD-Exchange + SD-Visibility + Cyber Security

Welcoming and Introduction

Software-defined Exchange Discussions

      -   SDX Collaborations Reports (Aris Risdianto - GIST and Pang-Wei Tsai - NCKU)
      -   SDX Future Collaborations & Brainstorming : SDX Framework, Routing Exchange Expansion, and Operation Visibility (All Participants)
      -   Goals, Action Plans, and Tasks Distribution (All Participants)

Tea/Coffee Break

Cyber Security Operations Discussions

      -   Capturing Cyber Attack using Deception Technologies (Julia Chen - NCKU)
      -   Software-defined Security Discussion and Brainstorming : HoneyPot deployment and integration with SDN, and Visualization (All Participants)
      -   Goals, Action Plans, and Tasks Distribution (All Participants)


Day 2 : July 31st 2016 (10:00 - 17:30)

OF@TEIN Collaboration: Review and Planning

Welcoming Speech

OF@TEIN Current and Future (Prof. JongWon Kim - GIST)

Tea/Coffee Break

OF@TEIN Playground Deployment and Operations

      -   SmartX Box for OF@TEIN Playground (Aris Risdianto - GIST)

Lunch Break

OF@TEIN Playground Deployment and Operations (continued)

      -   OF@TEIN Operation (Aris Risdianto - GIST)
      -   OF@TEIN Playground Visibility and Visualization (Pang-Wei Tsai - NCKU)

OF@TEIN Collaboration: Open Discussion #1

      -   SDN Activities in UP (Robert Mendoza - ASTI DOH)
      -   IoT Project Proposal in ERNET India (A. Paventhan - ERNET)

Tea/Coffee Break

OF@TEIN Collaboration: Open Discussion #2

      -   OF@TEIN Current and On-going Collaboration Report (Aris Risdianto - GIST)
      -   OF@TEIN Future Collaboration: API-based Playground Orchestration and Visualization (Aris Risdianto - GIST)
      -   Join collaborations discussion and collaborations team assignment (All Participants)
      -   Goals, Actions Plan, and Tasks Distribution (All Participants)

Closing Remarks

OF@TEIN+ Meeting@PERN, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2015

Day 1: (15th October 2015)

  -   Registration
  -   Welcome & Inaugural Speech (Chairman/ Executive Director HEC)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   Introduction: HEC & PERN, Journey to PERN2, Challenges & Strategy, Overview of Network Operations, OF@TEIN site installation at PERN (Anwar Amjad)
  -   Lunch & Prayer Break
  -   Software-Defined Infrastructure and OF@TEIN Playground (Prof. JongWon Kim, GIST, Korea)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   OF@TEIN Training: Utilizing OF@TEIN SDN & Cloud tools for experiments (OF@TEIN Team (GIST & NUST))
  -   Welcome dinner

Day 2: (16th October 2015)

  -   Hands on experience with OF@TEIN experiments (ALL)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   OF@TEIN Playground: Development & Operation, OF@TEIN Playground Infrastructure, Installing & configuring SmartX Boxes, Operating OF@TEIN Infrastructure (Prof. JongWon Kim, GIST, Korea & OF@TEIN Team)
  -   Lunch & Prayer Break
  -   Brief visit of PERN NOC (Naveed Tahir)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   Invited talk 1 [NUST]
  -   Invited talk 2 [Any other university]
  -   Open discussion and closure of day 2
  -   Dinner followed by a short recreational trip

Day 3: (17th October 2015)

  -   National Data Center, Hosting & NOC Services, Network Operations (Ch. Abdullah Chattha)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   PERN End to End Performance Monitoring (Dr. Anjum Naveed/ Kashif Sattar)
  -   Lunch & Prayer Break
  -   Traffic Engineering for high quality of service (Jawad Raza)
  -   Tea/ Coffee Break
  -   Closing Session & Certificate Distribution
  -   Dinner at Marriott

OF@TEIN+ Meeting@UM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015


  -   OF@TEIN+: SmartX Distributed Cloud (Prof. Jongwon Kim - GIST, Korea)
  -   OF@TEIN Collaboration Plan (Aris Chayadi Risdianto - GIST, Korea)
  -   SmartX Operation & Visibility (Muhammad Usman - GIST, Korea)
  -   SDN use in Hong Kong (Philip C. B. Ho - Hong Kong)
  -   SmartX-mini Playground for IoT-FastData-Cloud (Kim Seungryong - GIST, Korea)
  -   OF@NCKU Overview (Pang Wei - NCKU, Taiwan)
  -   Plan for OpenSOC research (Prof. Chu-Sing Yang - NCKU, Taiwan)
  -   Load Balancing WLAN’s in Multi-AP Environments in Support for SDN (Prof. Teck Chaw Ling - UM, Malaysia)
  -   Open Discussion on Collaboration Opportunities (All Participants)