OF@TEIN:SmartX Design and Deployment (include live demo)* (Namgon Lucas Kim Aris Risdianto Jeongju Bae - GIST)

Session leader

Namgon Lucas Kim, Aris Risdianto - GIST


  • SmartX Box
    SmartX Box: Concept and Hardware
    SmartX Box: Remote Installation and Configuration (P/M/C/D)
    SmartX Box: Type B (a.k.a. Rack) and Type B+/B*
  • SmartX B* Overview
    SmartX B* Architecture
    SmartX B* Software Selection (OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OpenDaylight)
    SmartX B* Configuration (OS - Nova + Neutron + Keystone, Open vSwitch)
  • SmartX B* Deployment for OF@TEIN
    SmartX B* OpenStack Deployment Option
    Overlay networking (VXLAN) + Operator Controller
    SDN/OpenFlow networking + User Controller (under FlowVisor)
    SDN/OpenFlow networking extension (ONOS)
  • SmartX B* Upgrade Status for OF@TEIN
    SmartX B* Upgrade Schedule and Status
  • OF@TEIN Experiment Live demo
    Prepared ping experiment demonstration