OF@TEIN Training**

Session leader

Namgon Lucas Kim, Aris Risdianto, Jeongju Bae - GIST


  • Hands-on Training Scenario
    VM-to-VM (Instance) experiment scenario
    Training Goals and Requirements
  • Step 0: Get Connected (Access verification, etc.)
    Access to OpenStack Dashboard (
    Access to OpenStack Nodes in all site
    Access to Connection Center/Nodes (
    Verify access to User OpenFlow/SDN Controller (OpenDaylight)
  • Step 1: Place VMs and prepare connectivity (OpenStack)
    Creating VMs Instances in two sites
    Accessing VMs from OpenStack Nova VNC
    Assign Floating IP and verify access to Internet/External incoming and outgoing
  • Step 2: Interconnect VMs (OpenDaylight)
    Adding Flow to Controller for VM-to-VM datapath communication
  • Testing and Verification
    Configure VM Datapath interface and IP address
    Verify VM-to-VM communication (ping test)